Groomer's Policies

Please ensure all dogs brought to the shop are on a leash for their saftey

Please be available to pick up your dog within 1/2 hour of your pre-arranged pick up time (daycare fees may apply unless other arrangements have been made.)

Dogs that are not neutered must always be picked up as soon as they are ready, No Exceptions. They will also be kenneled and not permitted to roam free in the shop due to urine marking and cleanliness issues.

We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late.

If you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment please give at least 24 hour notice. When we book an appointment for you, it is reserved for you.

If your pet has any infectious diseases or skin issues we must be informed. This includes FLEAS and TICKS. We are happy to provide you the appropriate treatments and services for your pets needs, but if we find they need these services you may have to pay additional service fees above the quote given prior to service.

If you know your pet has any health or grooming issues - injury, soreness, snappy, sleepy, or any AGGRESSION you MUST inform the groomer before any servicing. Most groomers may find out during the service but it is your duty of care to inform the staff. Your pet will enjoy our services if we are aware of these things. AND WE THANK YOU

We reserve the right to refuse any dog with anti-social or aggressive behavious and potentially dangerous. THIS IS SIMPLY A CONCERN OVER SAFETY FOR BOTH THE GROOMER AND THE DOG. Professionaly groomers have many different techniques that can be used to help with the grooming process or you may be asked to accompany your dog during their appointment, however, if we are unable to control the dog we may only be able to provide partial service as to reduce the risk of injury not only to our self but to your pet.








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