Benefits of Grooming



Grooming your dog is essential for your pet's coat, skin and overall health. During the day, a dog plays in different environments and may accumulate a lot of dust and debris in its coat, including feces, especially if the coat is longer. Keeping your dog healthy means paying regular attention to bathing, grooming and brushing. Even dogs with short hair will benefit from this often-overlooked aspect of health. Grooming does more than just make your dog look and smell nice. Here are a few medical reasons why regular grooming will help your dog stay healthy:

Keeping your dog's face free of long hair that can irritate the eyes will make it more comfortable and prevent eye problems. Having hair in the eyes causes irritation and damage to the cornea. Some dogs have a problem with drainage from the eyes; skin and fur that stay moist can discolour and become infected.

Those long floppy ears are endearing, but they cover your dog's ear canal, creating a moist, warm environment that lacks air circulation. This can cause chronic ear infections that can be difficult to cure.

Almost all dogs require a bath a few times a year to help remove old hair, dust and oil from the skin. The physical action of being washed is pleasant to most dogs, and it may reveal a lump or bump that may have appeared to change suddenly. It is also a good time to check for parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Between baths, brushing will help keep your dog's coat clean and free of hair mats. Mats can be irritating and cause skin disease. Badly matted fur may need to be shaved. Never attempt to cut hair mats with scissors; you may cut the skin as well.

Nail trimming is a must. Long, overgrown nails often break at the base, exposing the nail bed. Walking on long nails can be painful, aggravate arthritis and cause toes to splay. Keeping the pads clean is critical because the hair in the pads picks up foreign objects, becomes matted and holds moisture, which creates the potential for bacteria or fungal infection.

Lastly is your dog's rear end. Most dog owners don't make a habit of checking their dog's bottom, but it is an important place to look. In long-haired dogs, feces can become trapped in the hair around the anus, which causes an obstruction.

Winter Grooming

Shorter days and the potential for colder weather may have you thinking your furry friend's haircut can wait, but in fact those are the perfect reasons why regularly scheduled grooming is required in the winter.

Professional groomers understand that your dog needs to be kept mat free. A matted coat holds moisture against the skin like a sponge, which can cause chilling in your pet, contribute to odour and create a perfect environment for irritation and bacterial infection.

Allowing your dog to keep a longer coat in the winter is acceptable if the coat is well maintained. Longer, mat-free coats provide better insulation, protect against the elements and give more comfort against the cold floor.

Nail and paw care are even more important in the winter, because continued dampness and salt can be very irritating to your dog. Proper hygiene will allow the paws to dry faster so they will be easier to keep healthy and clean.

In the winter, dry skin is very common in humans, just as it is for your pet. I use moisturizing products that are specially formulated to hydrate and soothe your dog's skin while improving the health of its coat. Bathing is important, but drying is equally crucial.

Winter months tend to necessitate more time spent indoors, so why not make your dogs more comfortable? In return, they will be much more pleasant to be around due to their cleanliness and fresh scent.









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